Adverse Credit Mortgages – How to Buy a Home with Bad Credit

We’ve all got a past, and something like bad credit can follow you around for a long time. A history of adverse credit can affect your chances of getting a mortgage, but it by no means makes it impossible to get one. So if you’re dreaming of buying your own home, don’t get discouraged.  We’ve […]

How to Buy a Second Home – Your 2021 Guide

About one million people in the UK own a second home, whether it be to invest, have a holiday home or to provide a home for a family member. If you’re aspiring to purchase a second home, you’ll need to be crystal-clear on the financial implications this will have.  While we definitely recommend you talk […]

First Time Buyer Mortgage Guide Scotland 2021

The prospect of buying your first home is an exciting one. It’s a chance to put down roots and invest in a tangible asset that is likely to steadily grow in value over the years. But before you start browsing on Zoopla for your dream home, you have the not-so small hurdle of a mortgage […]

Mortgages for Over 60s – Guide for Older Borrowers

Buying a new home may be typically seen as a young (wo)man’s game, from your first home after saving up for years to upgrading to a bigger place when your family grows.  However, there are many reasons for older people to move house, from downgrading to a smaller house to finding a new home following […]

Everything You Need to Know About Remortgaging Your Property

Are you currently getting the most out of your mortgage? Chances are, there’s a product out there that suits your current needs and circumstances better, which is why we always recommend to our investors to consider remortgaging at regular intervals.  In today’s article, we’ll go over why you should regularly scour the market for the […]

Your Guide to Buying UK Property as a US Citizen

Are you looking to buy property in the UK? Whether you’re an American expatriate living across the pond, have familial ties to the old country or simply recognise the value in investing in the UK property market, there are some key differences in the process between the two countries that you should be aware of. […]

Self-Employed? Here’s Your Guide to Buy-to-Let Mortgages


More and more Britons are becoming self-employed, and it’s easy to see why: the ability to be your own boss, work on projects you are passionate about and make your own schedule and work routine are all attractive prospects. One thing being self-employed does complicate, however, is the process of getting a mortgage. Investing in […]

Interest-Only Mortgages – Best Pick For Property Investment?

As we’ve mentioned in previous blog articles, we recommend interest-only mortgages to our property investors in the majority of cases. With mortgages like this posing some unique benefits and risks compared to standard capital repayment mortgages, it’s time to dispel some myths around taking out loans on an interest-only basis. In today’s article, we’ll go […]

Is Investing In HMO Property Right For You?

Houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) have long been a popular mode of living, especially for people with less disposable income or who are saving diligently. The lower rent per bedroom makes HMOs especially popular among students and young professionals saving for their first home.  Similarly, HMOs have long been an attractive investment route for many, […]