Scottish property market predictions for 2023 from property mogul John Cox.

First of all, let’s round off the 2022 Scottish property market. In late 2022, the UK property market began to show signs of cooling, with property price growth slowing in many areas compared to the sharp rise in house prices in early 2022. This doesn’t necessarily mean that house prices have decreased, but rather that […]

 Is property a good investment? Yes and here’s why.

There are numerous benefits to owning and investing in property. With carefully chosen properties, you can enjoy predictable cash flows, excellent returns, tax savings, and diversification, among others. And, you can use real estate to build financial security. If you’re thinking about investing in property, here’s what you should be aware of and why property […]

Property Market Update | September 2022

property market update September 2022

September Property Market Highlights After reaching a national level average house price of over 200k, the Scottish property market has continued to rise. Property prices could fall further if the government fails to implement policies to ease the housing affordability (cost-of-living) crisis we are currently facing. Buyers continue to buy homes for well above their […]

How to Buy a Second Home – Your 2022 Guide.

Around 1,000,000 people in the UK own a second home. Investment properties, holiday homes or to provide a home for a family member. If you’re considering buying your second home, whatever the reason, its important to be crystal clear on the financial implications. We recommend speaking to a mortgage broker or a property investment manager […]

Holiday Let Investment vs Long-Term Tenants in Scotland

The Scottish Government has announced new legislation that makes operating a holiday let more complex. With this in mind, we wanted to revisit our past article on Airbnb vs renting longer term.  With this new legislation coming into effect, we’re even more resolute in recommending longer leases over holiday lets to our property investment clients. […]

5 Best Places in the UK to Invest in Property in 2022

Property has long been a popular investment route. It’s generally safer and more stable than, say, stocks and bonds, and the UK property market, in particular, provides a great opportunity for both British and overseas investors thanks to its steadily rising property prices. But where should you cast your eyes when it comes to UK […]

How to Buy a Second Home – Your 2021 Guide

About one million people in the UK own a second home, whether it be to invest, have a holiday home or to provide a home for a family member. If you’re aspiring to purchase a second home, you’ll need to be crystal-clear on the financial implications this will have.  While we definitely recommend you talk […]