How to Buy a Second Home – Your 2021 Guide

About one million people in the UK own a second home, whether it be to invest, have a holiday home or to provide a home for a family member. If you’re aspiring to purchase a second home, you’ll need to be crystal-clear on the financial implications this will have.  While we definitely recommend you talk […]

A Non-UK Resident’s Guide To Investing In UK Property

There are many reasons why someone might want to invest in UK property even if they live overseas: you might want a place to stay when visiting friends and family, a home for family members living in the country, or maybe you simply recognise the value of investing in the UK property market, even if […]

Can You Live Off Rental Income?

Living off passive income like rent from your investment properties seems like a dream to many people, but is it realistic? Ditching the nine-to-five in favour of paying the bills with rental income promises financial freedom and self-made property millionaires online can make the building of a hugely profitable property portfolio look deceptively simple. That’s […]