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Unhappy with your current leasing agent? Looking for an agency more suited to your requirements? It’s easy to change agents mid-lease, and we can help you make it happen.

If you would like to move your property management to Cox & Co, simply get in touch with us by phone or using the contact sheet opposite, and we can put the process in motion. Most agents have a set notice period that must be given; we can get in contact with your existing agent, and ensure as smooth a changeover as possible. Whether your property is based in Aberdeen, Edinburgh or surrounds, we are confident we can offer an improvement on your current management service.

Many landlords are increasingly dissatisfied with impersonal service from their letting agents, and find it difficult to get timely information on how their property is being managed. At Cox & Co we pride ourselves on maintaining close relationships with our landlords and tenants, helping to keep all parties informed and confident with arrangements.

We believe that our high standards of service, combined with our reasonable fees, mean we can compete favourably with any other letting agency on the market. Contact us today to see what benefits we can offer you over your current agent, either via online form or by phone to our Aberdeen or Edinburgh offices.

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