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Being a property investor, being a responsible landlord and growing your property portfolio simultaneously is a lot of work. That’s why finding a reliable partner to manage your buy-to-let property for you is such a good idea.

We offer a complete lettings and property management service expertly tailored to your specific requirements, working with a no-nonsense approach to make sure we’re taking care of both our tenants and landlords to the highest possible standard.

If you’re looking for a letting agent that can deliver a gold-standard service and cater to your specific personal requirements, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to discover what makes our property management service unique

Why Use a Letting Agency Over Managing Property Yourself?

Having expert letting agents support your property investment efforts leads to greater convenience and returns and makes sure you stay compliant with local legislation. Using an agent means having minimal involvement with the day-to-day running of your property and your tenants. Coupled with the administrative ease of having paperwork such as your annual summary for tax returns drafted by professionals, working with a letting agency is far more convenient, especially if you don’t live locally or have a busy family and work life.

We’ll reassess your rent performance at least once a year to make sure you’re getting the market rent for your property. In contrast, many private landlords haven’t raised rents for several years and now run the risk of falling behind the market average.

Compliance is a constant challenge for private landlords who may not always be able to keep up to date with the latest legislation changes. For example, the new Private Residential Tenancy regime is still causing confusion for many landlords in the private sector, with many of them most likely using leases that are no longer legally compliant. As professional property managers, we make it our business to make sure your property meets all local regulations to protect your income and the safety of your property and tenants.

Why Choose Cox & Co
as Your Letting Agent


We’re able to get the word out about your property far and wide, securing national exposure for your property, and all our viewings are completed by professional property managers who’ll be able to provide answers to all the questions potential tenants have in order to secure the right renters for your property.

We’re also able to provide all necessary documentation and leases so that everything is on the up and up and so that the process is as easy as possible for both you and your tenants.


Once we’ve sourced and secured the right tenants for you, our support doesn’t have to end. We can handle the financial side of your investment property for you, collecting deposits and rent on your behalf.

We’ll also make regular property inspections to make sure your flat or house is being looked after properly, organising all necessary remedial works, replacements and repairs with the help of traders we’ve built strong relationships with. Finally, we use a detailed and reliable third party inventory service to make sure everything’s as it should be at the end of tenancy.

The Cox & Co Promise

We promise that whatever your experience level with investment property may be, we’ll provide you with a consistently great, reliable, professional service. All with fair, transparent pricing and clear, concise communication.

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