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As property investment experts based in Scotland, Cox and Co can provide you with a list of some of the best cities to invest in property. However, it is important to note that the best cities for investment can vary depending on the investor’s goals, budget, and preferences. As of our research, the following cities are considered to be among the best for property investment in Scotland.

Edinburgh – Scotland’s great capital.

Why Invest in Edinburgh?

Edinburgh, as the Scottish capital city, boasts a strong and stable investment property market. The city’s rich history, stunning architecture, and world-famous cultural events such as the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in the city centre make it a popular destination for tourists. Additionally, the presence of prestigious educational institutions, such as the University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh Napier and many other prestigious schools attracts a large student population, driving demand for rental properties and helping in increasing rental growth as a whole. Edinburgh also has a diverse economy with sectors such as finance, technology, and creative industries, contributing to a growing job market that attracts professionals from around the world.

Investing in Edinburgh’s property market offers strong potential for capital growth and high rental prices and yields, thanks to its thriving tourism industry, diverse economy, and significant student population. The city’s enduring appeal ensures consistent rental demand, making it a solid choice for property investors.

Glasgow – The largest city in Scotland.

Why add Glasgow to your portfolio?

Glasgow, Scotland’s biggest city, is known for its vibrant culture, rich history, and impressive architecture. The city has undergone substantial regeneration in recent years and continues its future growth, with new developments and infrastructure improvements making it more attractive for both residential property and investment property. Glasgow’s economy is diverse and resilient, with sectors such as finance, education, and technology contributing to a strong job market. The city is also home to several universities, including the University of Glasgow, which attracts a significant number of students each year which has a huge impact on the rental property market with many investors making great rental returns on student accommodation.

Glasgow’s ongoing regeneration, diverse economy, and large student population make it an appealing destination for property investment. The city’s strong rental market and potential for capital growth provide a compelling opportunity for investors seeking to invest in Scotland’s property market.

Aberdeen – The Granite City.

Why Invest in Aberdeen’s real estate?

Aberdeen, also known as the “Granite City,” is a key city for Scotland’s oil and gas industry. The city’s strong economy and high average income levels have resulted in a robust demand for rental properties. Aberdeen is home to two universities, the University of Aberdeen and Robert Gordon University, which attract a substantial student population each year. The city offers a range of property types, from traditional granite buildings to modern developments, catering to various investment strategies from 1-2 bedroom apartments to multi-floor town houses, larger 4-5 bedroom houses, and estates. Many large oil and gas companies take out long-term rental agreements to accommodate their staff that have to relocate to Aberdeen to work.

Investing in Aberdeen’s property market can be a wise choice for investors seeking stable rental income and capital growth. The city’s strong economy, driven by the oil and gas industry, and its large student population create a high demand for rental properties, making it an attractive location for property investment.

Dundee – A coastal educational city.

Why get on the property ladder in Dundee?

Dundee has experienced significant investment and regeneration in recent years. The opening of the V&A Museum of Design has boosted the city’s tourism industry and increased demand for rental properties. Dundee is also home to two universities, the University of Dundee and Abertay University, which attract thousands of students each year and is a hub for medical students in Scotland and the UK creating thousands of medical staff jobs per year and also creating a high demand for rental properties such as student accommodation. The city’s economy is booming and still growing, with sectors such as life sciences, digital media, and renewable energy contributing to a strong job market.

Dundee’s ongoing regeneration, growing tourism industry, and sizable student population make it a promising destination for property investment. The city offers potential for capital growth and attractive rental yields, making it a compelling choice for investors seeking opportunities in Scotland’s property market.

Stirling – A city rich in history.

Why invest in property in Stirling?

Stirling, one of Scotland’s smaller cities, offers more affordable property for investors. The city’s central location, growing population, and the University of Stirling contribute to a strong rental market. Stirling is known for its rich history, beautiful scenery, and excellent transport links to and from the city centre, making it an appealing destination for both residents and visitors. The city’s economy is growing, with sectors such as tourism, retail, and education driving job growth and contributing to a stable rental market.

Investing in Stirling’s property market offers a more affordable option for investors, while still providing potential for capital growth and strong rental yields. The city’s growing population, diverse economy, and central location make it an attractive choice for property investment in Scotland.

Inverness – The gateway to the Scottish highlands.

Why take on investments in Inverness?

Inverness, the gateway to the Scottish Highlands, has a growing economy focused on tourism, renewable energy, and technology. The city’s stunning natural surroundings, rich history, and cultural attractions make it a popular destination for tourists, driving demand for short-term rental properties. Property prices in Inverness are generally lower than in the larger Scottish cities, providing opportunities for investors seeking more affordable options. The city is also home to the University of the Highlands and Islands, which attracts a steady stream of students each year.

Inverness offers property investors a more affordable entry point into the Scottish property market, with potential for capital growth and attractive rental yields. The city’s growing economy, strong tourism industry, and the presence of a university make it an appealing location for property investment in Scotland.


In summary, Scotland offers a variety of attractive cities for property investment, each with its unique characteristics and opportunities. Edinburgh and Glasgow, as the country’s largest cities, boast strong property markets, diverse economies, and significant student populations, making them prime locations for investment. Aberdeen’s oil and gas industry drives its stable economy and high demand for rental properties, while Dundee’s ongoing regeneration and growing tourism industry create promising investment prospects. Stirling and Inverness offer more affordable entry points into the Scottish property market, with diverse economies and potential for capital growth.

Scotland’s property market presents a range of investment opportunities across its cities, catering to different investor goals and budgets. To make the most of these opportunities, investors should conduct thorough research, engage with local experts, and stay informed about market trends and economic developments. By doing so, they can ensure they make well-informed decisions that maximize their returns and minimize risks.

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