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Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland, is a beautiful and vibrant city that offers a unique blend of history, culture, and modern amenities. The city is known for its stunning architecture, world-class festivals, vibrant nightlife, and friendly locals. If you’re considering moving to Edinburgh, you’ll find that there are plenty of neighbourhoods to choose from, each with its own unique character and charm.

Now let’s look at some of the best areas to live in Edinburgh in general:

New Town

New Town is a well-preserved Georgian architecture neighbourhood, located in the city centre, that offers an elegant and sophisticated lifestyle. The area is known for its beautiful Georgian townhouses, upscale shopping, and fine dining. It is a perfect neighbourhood for professionals and families who enjoy the finer things in life.

Old Town

If you’re looking for a neighbourhood steeped in history, Old Town is the place for you. Located in the heart of the city, Old Town is a maze of narrow cobbled streets, historic buildings, and medieval architecture. This area is home to the famous Royal Mile, which leads from Edinburgh Castle to the Palace of Holyroodhouse.


Located north of the city centre, Stockbridge is a trendy neighbourhood that is known for its independent shops, cafes, and restaurants. It is a great neighbourhood for young professionals, artists, and families who enjoy a bohemian lifestyle.


Leith is a vibrant and eclectic neighbourhood located on the outskirts of the city centre. It is known for its arts and culture scene, as well as its diverse range of restaurants and bars along Leith walk. Leith is a great neighbourhood for young professionals and families who enjoy an urban lifestyle.


Morningside is a leafy, upscale neighbourhood located south of the city centre. It is known for its independent boutiques, cafes, and restaurants, as well as its beautiful green spaces. Morningside is a great neighbourhood for families who are looking for a peaceful, residential area.


Bruntsfield is a well-established and affluent neighbourhood located south of the city centre. It is known for its independent shops, cafes, and restaurants, as well as its beautiful green spaces. Bruntsfield is a great neighbourhood for families and professionals who enjoy a peaceful, residential area.

Ultimately, the best place to live in Edinburgh depends on your personal preferences and lifestyle. It is important to do your research, visit different places and properties, and speak with locals to determine which neighbourhood is the best fit for you. Whether you are looking for a peaceful, residential area or an urban, bohemian neighbourhood, Edinburgh has something to offer for everyone.

The top places to live in the Scottish capital if you are a student or young professional.

Edinburgh is home to some of the best universities in the world, including the University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh Napier University, and Heriot-Watt University. If you are a student, you will find that there are plenty of neighbourhoods in Edinburgh that cater to your needs.

Our top places to live in Edinburgh if you are a student or at the start of your career:


Marchmont is a popular neighbourhood for students due to its close proximity to the University of Edinburgh. The area has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, and it is known for its beautiful green spaces and parks. Marchmont offers a wide range of accommodation options, from shared flats to private studios, making it an ideal neighbourhood for students.


Newington is another popular neighbourhood for students, located just south of the city centre. The area is home to the University of Edinburgh’s main campus, as well as many bars, restaurants, and shops that cater to students. Newington offers a range of accommodation options, including student halls, shared flats, and private studios.


Tollcross is a lively neighbourhood located west of the city centre. It is known for its vibrant nightlife and affordable housing options, making it a popular choice for students. The area is well-connected to the city’s public transport network, making it easy to get around.


Haymarket is a bustling neighbourhood located west of the city centre. It is home to Edinburgh Napier University’s main campus and offers a range of accommodation options, including student halls, shared flats, and private studios. The area is well-connected to the city’s public transport network, making it easy to get around by bus, train or tram, it’s only a few stops away from princes street and George street, taking you into the heart of the city. The Haymarket train station also connects you to the rest of the city and other parts of Scotland such as Glasgow.


While average property prices may be more expensive than in other student-populated neighbourhoods, it is known for its peaceful atmosphere and beautiful green spaces as previously mentioned. But what also makes the area great for students is that is well-connected to the University of Edinburgh’s main campus, making it a great choice for students who prefer a quieter lifestyle compared to the more lively areas such as Haymarket and Tollcross.

Ultimately, the best neighbourhood for students and young people in Edinburgh depends on your personal preferences and lifestyle. It is important to do your research, visit different areas, and speak with other students to determine which area is the best fit for you. Whether you are looking for a lively, student-centric neighbourhood or a peaceful residential area to finish your studies, Edinburgh has something for every student to make their university years unforgettable. And when it comes to young professionals set on building their networks and careers, it doesn’t get much better than Edinburgh, beautiful properties, great business events, job opportunities and amazing workplaces as well as co-work spaces.

The Best Places in Edinburgh to Raise a Family.

If you’ve already got children and looking for more space, or thinking about starting a family and just doing some research, these are our top areas for families to live in Edinburgh;

  • Morningside
  • Stockbridge
  • Corstorphine
  • Cramond
  • Colinton

Edinburgh at a Glance in 2023

Number of Primary Schools in Edinburgh ( Edinburgh City Council) – 90

Number of Secondary Schools in Edinburgh (City Council) – 23

Nearby Public Parks – 129

Burglar Hotspot (Number of claims per 1000 Reports) – 18

Average Salary – £36,393 (after tax)

Job Opportunities (Indeed) – 8,879

Average Property Prices – £291,023

Voted Second best Place to Live in The UK (The Scotsman)

What Makes Edinburgh a Good Area for Families to Live in?

When deciding the best places for families to live in Edinburgh we looked at a number of key factors when it comes to deciding on the place to call home. What we looked at;

Excellent Schools

One of the most important deciding factors for families in search of their next home is what schools are in the local area. Edinburgh has several exceptional state schools, and the city also has several independent primaries and secondaries. The level of exceptional education on offer makes Edinburgh one of the best cities in the UK to start a family.

Properties in areas of Edinburgh with the best state schools often sell at a premium, and some families may have to compromise on the type of house they move into.

Families that decide on an independent school have more freedom to look out with the school’s immediate area. It’s worth investigating travel times and school bus routes to make that morning school run as easy as possible.

Local Amenities

Having a range of amenities close by is important for families. If you can have a vast array of local amenities a stone through away from your home you’ll never have to go far to get what you need.

Consider if you are within walking distance of bus or tram routes. If health and fitness are important to you are there any gyms or health clubs nearby? How close is the nearest supermarket or post office? Once the time comes is there a choice of nurseries?

Parking & Access

For a young family making your life as easy as possible is always front of mind. Ground floor main door access becomes important when you’re trying to get your shopping, buggy and baby all in the door. Having a place to store your buggy could be a good idea; whether it’s a wide hall, a garage or a cellar close to the front door.

Main-door tenement flats are generally smaller as floor space is lost to the communal areas. You might think one positive to come from this is a lower price. However, you may end up paying more for a main-door flat in Edinburgh, especially if it has direct garden access.

Property Value

At Cox & Co we are firm believers that every property you buy should be an investment. When deciding on the best place to live in Edinburgh as a family it is important to look at what your home could be worth in the future if you decide to sell. Or better yet what rental yield you can expect to make as you grow your property portfolio.

Things to Do

Spending time with your family should be full of fun memories. Finding something to do at the weekend for you and the kids can be difficult. Living in an area of Edinburgh with lots going on and a real sense of community can go a long way to making your life easier.

Luckily there are hundreds of things to do and family-friendly activities in Edinburgh, there are over a hundred parks to visit, and you can walk up Arthur’s seat (amazing at sunrise/sunset), visit the castle and enjoy trendy museums and fun activities such as camera obscure – a popular destination for daytime fun in Edinburgh.

Best Places to Live in Edinburgh with a Family 2023

Let’s look at the best places to live in Edinburgh with a family in 2023 in a little more detail.


Morningside has been a stalwart in every list of Edinburgh’s “top areas to live” for as long as I can remember. Although officially a suburb of Edinburgh, and only a twenty-minute walk from the city centre, Morningside somehow manages to pull off the feeling of being an idyllic, bustling little village in the middle of the countryside.

With dozens of artisan shops, cafes and quirky eateries, you could literally spend a full weekend walking along Morningside Road sampling their delights. The architecture in the area is also stunning, with imposing Georgian houses mixed with Victorian tenements, offering roomy and elegant housing to the local population.

The schooling is also a huge draw, with South Morningside Primary and Borougmuir High School being two of the most sought-after (non-private) schools in Edinburgh, and private schools like George Watsons, catering for all your educational needs.


Stockbridge is a haven for trendy parents who still want to enjoy city life with the bonus of family-friendly parks, restaurants and sports facilities on their doorsteps. A bit like its friendly competitor, Morningside, Stockbridge offers its own village feel, with the quirky shops on St Stephens Street, the chic bars and eateries on Raeburn Place, to the local rugby and cricket clubs.

The area benefits from many parks and walks, like the Water of Leith, giving families a lot of green space to enjoy and have fun in. The schooling on both public and private levels is great and the abundance of local sports facilities makes Stockbridge a great all-around area to live and raise a family.


Corstorphine is located west of the city and provides a more laid-back lifestyle while still having direct and convenient access to the city. With the majority of the housing and street layouts being modern, Corstorphine is sometimes seen as the real “suburbs” of Edinburgh and mainly for those who may be value space and quietness over the amenities of the city centre.

This being said, Corstorphine certainly does not lack in things to do, with attractions like Edinburgh Zoo and Murrayfield Stadium right on the doorstep, and many shops, leisure parks and restaurants along the stretch of St Johns Road.

Add into the mix the good local schooling, sports facilities and easy access to the M8 motorway and Edinburgh airport, and Corstorphine will always draw families into the area.


An elderly client of mine who had lived in Cramond his whole adult life once said to me “Life by the sea is the only life for me”. And I am sure a lot of Cramond residents would agree, like the famous author J.K. Rowling who also calls this quaint area home.

The area is beautiful, with many stately-looking houses and no doubt wealthy occupants, giving the place a very exclusive feel. The close proximity to the beach makes it even more inviting, and the historic Cammo Park offers a real hidden treat to locals and visitors alike.

There is a good selection of schools, a beach, multiple parks and walks, a number of cosy pubs and great access to all transport links, what more could you ask for?


Another exclusive locale of Edinburgh, Colinton is home to some rather large and extravagant homes, taking advantage of the abundance of greenery in the area. The small main street has a selection of shops, restaurants and cafes, also with a pub or two, so you do not have to venture into the city for a pint of milk, or indeed a pint of lager.

The draw of this area is probably down to the ease into and more importantly, out of Edinburgh. The Pentland Hills are but a ten-minute drive away and the Water of Leith waterway offers a walking and cycle path all the way to Balerno.

There are good local schools, including the highly prestigious Merchiston Castle, and an abundance of parks and outdoor space, so maybe a great home for the more active family.

Want to know more or need help finding a property in any of these Edinburgh locations?

We hope you have enjoyed our guide to the best places to live in Edinburgh. Cox & Co are your local Edinburgh property experts and if you need any help in sourcing your Edinburgh home or have any more questions about living in this beautiful city please reach out to the team at Cox & co today, we’d love to hear from you!

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