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We provide property investors who love real estate with a turn key solution:

We find the best property investment deals.
We help you raise the funds to secure your investment.
Most importantly we manage everything from the tentats to the maintenance of the properties.

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Invest in Property with Cox & Co

Welcome to Cox & Co. We are a family run business offering a specialist property investment service in Edinburgh. If you’ve ever considered a buy to let property and growing your property portfolio, we can help. There was a time when having a property portfolio was reserved for the very rich and wealthy. Not anymore.

Here at Cox & Co, we offer a great range of property investment opportunities whether it be for the Buy-to-Let investor, an owner-occupier, a luxury homeowner or first-time buyer.

Helping People create long term wealth through Property Investment

Case Study 1

Client A contacted Cox & Co looking to invest £90,000 into Buy-to-Let property with no previous landlord experience. Within 12 weeks, we managed to source 2 quality rental properties with tenants in situ, arranged the required BTL mortgages, completed the purchases, collected the keys and began management on day 1 of ownership. The overall exercise provided the client a net monthly income of £801. The best part – we only needed to use £81,000 of the client’s pot! This equates to an annual investment yield of 11.8% net.

Case Study 2

Experienced landlords with a substantial Buy-to-Let portfolio in Edinburgh required complex advice to help get their investment ‘back on track’. Ultimately, they needed refinancing of their existing debts and a review of their existing BTL properties to try and reduce their overall tax liabilities while increasing their monthly net income. Cox & Co sourced a mortgage lender that would provide a Limited Company BTL mortgage classed as a ‘Multi-Security’ product. This would bring all of their properties on to one fixed payment per month while benefiting from a better tax structure at the same time. We then provided a full review of their properties, off-loaded the ones that were not attracting a high enough rent for their requirements, upgraded the properties that were tired and in need of TLC and then sourced new properties to add in to their portfolio. The whole process took roughly 16 weeks BUT it provided a substantial increase in their net overall yield, from 7% to just over 19%!

Why Invest in Property?

It is stable. Property investment is less volatile and has historically outperformed the Stock Exchange
Property Investment provides cash flow. Tenants pay monthly rent which covers all expenses and provides profit to the owners.
There are tax benefits. Depreciation is a free tax write-off that allows you to keep more profits in your pocket.

Property appreciates in value.

You can leverage property, allowing for further residual income.

What is Property Investment?

Property is one of the four most common investment practices alongside savings, shares and bonds. In this current financial climate, where savings offer low interest rates and the stock market appears volatile – property is widely considered the most attractive investment option.

How does it work?

Property investment in Edinburgh is simple. Whether you are looking to start your property portfolio and looking for your first property or you want to grow your portfolio we can help.

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A Message from John Cox

We believe that the modern day landlord deserves more than just standard property management. At Cox & Co, we have spent the last decade honing our skills & building on our experiences in the Edinburgh property market to a point where we now offer a service unlike any other in Scotland – We take the time to understand your buy-to-let & investment requirements, create a financial & portfolio ‘battle-plan’ and then implement all the changes within an incredibly swift time-frame. I like to think of us as ‘Investment Managers for Bricks & Mortar’.

Property Investment Opportunities in Edinburgh & throughout the UK

Our roots in property investment are built in Edinburgh. However we offer investment opportunities throughout the UK. Our head of property investment John Cox is renowned for finding the best property investment opportunities in the UK before anyone else does.

Our objective has always been to seek out the best Edinburgh investment opportunities for our loyal customer base and to share our knowledge of the next up-and-coming areas suitable for investing in property.

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